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Tullow Oil Selects PaleoGIS

We are pleased to announce that Tullow Oil plc is a new user of The Rothwell Group’s plate tectonics reconstruction software, PaleoGIS, and quick-cycle climate modeling software, PaleoClimate™.

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According to their website, Tullow Oil plc is “Africa’s leading independent oil company” and has an exploration-led growth strategy focused on light oil in Africa and the Atlantic Margins. They are a highly successful explorer, opening five new oil basins in the last seven years. In addition, creating shared prosperity represents Tullow’s commitment to ensuring that the success of the oil and gas industry brings long-term social and economic benefits to the communities and countries where they operate. (See Tullow at a glance at

The Rothwell Group is a software engineering and process optimization company. Our solutions are designed for organizations that rely on complex geoscience, geospatial, decision support and operational processes to fuel business performance. We collaborate with our customers to transform these critical workflows into intuitive solutions that drive efficiency, manage costs and increase productivity.

For the petrochemical and mineral industries, the company has developed PaleoGIS, plate tectonics reconstruction software, and PaleoClimate™, quick-cycle climate modeling software. These are screening tools that enable geologists and GIS professionals to predict high potential analogues with lower risk and cost, as well as understand basin and play formation with greater accuracy. The products are installed at the majority of the largest and fastest growing global oil and gas and mineral exploration companies.


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