Excel Spreadsheet Conversion

Transform mission-critical decision analysis tools into sustainable, web-based assets.

Complex logistics industries, such as engineering, construction, manufacturing, finance and energy, leverage comprehensive planning frameworks. The variables that affect success and profitability are broad, intricate and difficult to predict. In order to evaluate the extensive range of planning options, these and similar industries frequently utilize Excel spreadsheets and other legacy platforms as a part of their prediction models.

These models are critical to operations in terms of forecasting, budgeting and reporting and are well loved by their users. However, the error-prone and compartmentalized nature of these tools can place performance assessment capabilities in jeopardy. Not to mention the potential crippling loss of knowledge when an employee who maintains the model leaves the company or retires.

Excel Spreadsheet Conversion solutions: Transform mission-critical decision analysis tools into sustainable, web-based assets.

Rothwell is skilled at transforming and mapping these decision models into secure, standardized, enterprise-accessible, database-agnostic, web-based or smart-client applications. Once converted and documented, these applications match the broader knowledge needs of the organization, as well as protect the model’s integrity and improve accuracy. See our conversion process, below.

Excel Spreadsheet Conversion solutions diagram

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