Enterprise or Customer-Facing GIS Solution Innovation—Delivered On-Time, On-Budget

Your business faces increasing demand for integrating geographical information with processes across the company. And for good reason: Geographical information systems (GIS) solve complex problems, improve customer experience and provide invaluable insight into operations and business trends.

Yet while demand for GIS is up, budgets are tight and skilled resources are limited. Rothwell can quickly and cost effectively help reduce your work backlog, by either executing small-scale or plug-in components of larger projects or delivering entire standalone solutions.

GIS/Geospatial solutions: Enterprise or Customer-Facing GIS Solution Innovation—Delivered On-Time, On-Budget

In addition to our geoscience applications for the exploration industries, we have over 15 years of expertise building GIS software and post-data processes and connecting enterprise spatial data with customer-facing applications. This includes using ESRI technologies as well as a number of other third-party, specialized GIS tools. Our unique capabilities include developing spatial databases and custom web and mobile mapping applications, as well as spatial analysis, business mapping, cloud deployment and data conversion.

Count on us to bring innovation, on-time delivery and budget-friendly capabilities to your GIS team.

Our Capabilities
  • Google Maps
  • ESRI ArcGIS Server
  • ESRI Portal
  • ESRI ArcGIS Javascript API
  • Geoserver and OpenLayers
  • HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
  • GIS/Geospatial solutions: TechnologiesArcGIS Desktop and Server 10.x
  • ArcGIS Silverlight and Javascript APIs
  • ArcObject
  • ArcMap add-ins and extensions
  • Geodatabase (SDE and PostGIS)
  • Desktop and web-based applications development
  • Web-based mapping
  • Native and web-based mobile GIS development
  • Location analysis
  • Integration of data from corporate systems
  • Custom desktop extension/add-ins development
  • Model building: Post-process raw data from third-party vendors
  • Geocoding and routing
  • Geoprocessing
  • Advanced spatial analysis
  • Data conversion
  • Geodatabase design and implementation

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