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Rothwell Introduces PaleoSearch™

Product Insights Bulletin: PaleoSearch™
Rothwell introduces PaleoSearch™ | Hiker atop boulders image

We are pleased to provide the Rothwell paleo-geoscience user community with periodic insights into our ongoing product direction.

In this “Product Insights” bulletin we would like to introduce PaleoSearch™.

The amount of data gathered and incorporated into basin and play development analysis continues to grow significantly, meaning the value of rapid data access and retrieval has never been greater. Rothwell’s PaleoSearch™ will allow geologists and GIS professionals to execute real-time geologic searches across geologic time, geographic area and keywords. PaleoSearch™ can be used with datasets that are internally developed, purchased from third-party data vendors or compiled from public domain sources.

With PaleoSearch™, users will be able to quickly perform searches that can specify:

  • A time interval of interest,
  • A spatial area of interest (AOI), and
  • Multiple text filters to narrow the search.

Further, users can choose one or more dataset types to search with.

For example, a geoscientist may be interested in searching a geologic dataset for events that occurred on the East Coast of the United States during the time period of 210 Ma to 110 Ma. The user would submit the age range (210–110 Ma) and their geographic area of interest to PaleoSearch™. The user could also constrain the search with a text filter, such as source rock or igneous or rifting.

Traditionally, valuable data and specialized knowledge has resided within “siloed” groups or individuals. However, this same information could be leveraged throughout the organization. PaleoSearch™ will allow authorized users to rapidly search for and find any critical geologic data over a given time period, within a particular area of interest, thereby greatly enhancing the efficiency of their analysis projects.

Our team looks forward to providing more details related to this product throughout the year.

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